Ultimate Suction Performance

about us

Brutus Engineering Ltd. is an innovative and groundbreaking company that provides excavation services, removal of materials, maintenance of infrastructures and exposure of underground infrastructures using a cyclone suction and non-destructive method.
The company operates a unique cyclone suction excavation system and advanced robotic end equipment, which enables excavation work and removal of materials of unprecedented volume intensity in Israel.
Brutus Engineering's suction excavator enables excavation and material removal at unprecedented speed and efficiency, and in locations that traditional methods and tools can't perform.

The excavation and removal of the materials is carried out by a uniquely intelligent system while having superior safety for both infrastructure and workers.

Technical Details

power arm of 7 m long

maximum working distance 150 m

maximum suction depth 50 m

pneumatic tools

suction hose D=250mm

air compressor 4.5 m3 /min

3 fans system

container volume 8M3


■ Excavation for underground parking soloutions
■ Suction Building waste
■ Suction filling materials from basements
■ Suction material on flat roofs
■ Suction working in buildings for conservation


■ Cleaning of road drains
■ Clear away materials after car accident
■ Suction gravel from railway
■ Cleaning of ditches, hard and soft shoulders


■ Exposing infrustractures for maintenance
■ Exposing infrustractures without any damage
■ Tunnel excavation
■ Excavation for Installing trenches


■ Replacement of contaminated soil
■ Archaeological Excavations
■ Sand replacement in playing grounds
■ Harmless roots exposure

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